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The Coller School of Management's broad range of institutes, centers and chairs provide the School’s scholars with a framework for promoting research initiatives and fostering collaboration on designated topics of interest. Our centers and institutes cover a broad range of topics and agendas: information systems, strategic management, accounting, real estate, and high-tech, global business, entrepreneurship, insurance, and healthcare systems.  


Additionally, the activities and platforms conducted by the School's centers and institutes – calls for papers, grants, professional clubs, research catalogues – are an important source of support for new studies, paradigms and research agendas, sharing their output with the business community. They create opportunities for field-academia dialogue, allowing academia and business to keep in tune with each other and learn from each other's perspective.


Chairs are awarded to individual staff members in recognition of their work in a particular academic field.

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Alrov Institute for Real Estate Research

Head of Institute: Dr. Danny Ben-Shahar

Established in 2013, the goal of the Alrov Institute for Real Estate Research is to provide researchers, students, executives, entrepreneurs and regulators with up-to-date knowledge on essential aspects of real-estate theory and practice. The Institute aims to improve efficiency and competition in the Israeli real estate sector, to encourage entrepreneurship, to enhance transparency and, thus, to contribute to welfare and economic growth in Israel.



Coller Institute of Venture

Head Institute: Prof. Moshe Zviran

Established in 2013, the Coller Institute of Venture seeks to enhance our understanding of innovation and the global ecosystem required to support it. The Institute applies an interdisciplinary approach to explore how ventures are stimulated, promoted and nurtured across different geographies and industries. The Institute holds events and panels aimed at fostering collaborations between scholars, investors, policymakers, venture capitalists and high-tech professionals, with the purpose of establishing favorable conditions for venture growth.

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Eli Hurvitz Institute for Strategic Management

Head of the Hurvitz Institute: Prof. Moshe Zviran

Established in 2004, the Hurvitz Institute's focus is on creating educational activities, generating and distributing research and providing a central address for the exchange of ideas among various academic and business communities. The Institute sponsors and organizes an annual Conference – the Strategic Move – a forum for discussing ongoing challenges and dilemmas in corporate strategy, as well as the School's annual Sofaer International Case Competition (SICC).

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The Blockchain Research Institute

Head: Prof. Evgeny Lyandres

The  Blockchain Research Institute (TBRI) is a leading academic research institute on Blockchain technology. TBRI focused is on applied blockchain technologies. The research center brings together Business, engineering, law and economics faculty, as well as post-docs, graduate and undergraduate students and industry experts, to work on Blockchain technology challenges. Beyond its academic research mission, the center run education program, including on-campus courses, workshops/hackathons, conferences/seminars for the general blockchain community. TBRI cooperate worldwide with universities on blockchain research and also with the industry on advanced blockchain challenges and projects. 


Joseph Kasierer Institute for Research in Accounting

Head of Institute: Prof. Dan Weiss

Established in 1990, the Kasierer Institute provides a framework for advancing accounting theory and encouraging applied research in the field of accounting. The Institute supports research initiatives in this field and publishes their results periodically. The Institute's professional interfaces with key authorities in the Israeli financial sector allow it to keep its research agenda up-to-date with ongoing professional issues and identify topics for future research. The Institute's club, attended by representatives of academia, the finance sector and regulatory authorities, is considered an established professional forum for discussing issues and dilemmas relating to financial reporting and accounting policy, presented by key authorities from academia and the field. 



Marcel and Annie Adams Institute for Management Information Systems

Head of the Adams Institute: Prof. Dov Te'eni

Established in 1986, the Adams Institute supports research activities, teaching and dissemination of information on the development and application of computerized information systems. The institute conducts the Information Systems Club, a professional forum for Israeli researchers, policy makers and senior executives in the field of Information Systems.



Henry Crown Institute of Business Research in Israel

Head of Institute: Prof. Dan Amiram

Established in 1969, the Crown Institute provides Coller scholars and graduate students with a framework for facilitating, supporting and disseminating works of research, with a particular emphasis on issues of relevance to Israel economy and society. A guide for accessing available research funds, grants and sources of support, the Institute assists the School's research groups in promoting their research initiatives under 11 thematic categories (ranging from managerial economics and operations research to business ethics and business law).

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