Global Outreach

Global Outreach

Global School, Global Business

A global village requires a global business touch. The Coller School of Management offers a diversity of global academic programs and teaching initiatives that provide business students and professionals from all over the world with a taste of the Israeli high-tech and entrepreneurship scene and prepare Israelis for a career in a business community of global dimensions.


Our lecturers follow closely global trends in business, as well as the implications of the globalized business setting, and then share and discuss them with their students. Engaging in research groups with leading business schools institutes abroad and spearheading research in questions of global concern, their works are of a global standing.


Our alumni assume a wide range of positions in global corporations from all business sectors. We encourage them to keep up to date with the global field through a selection of professional development and life-learning programs, as well as professional forums and discussion panels, in which they discuss ongoing professional dilemmas and acquire tools and insight related to global business-making.


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