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How can I know if I'm an appropriate candidate for the Coller exchange program?

The Coller Exchange Program is open to MBA/MSc/MA students and qualified professionals from partner universities. We recommend you read our most updated factsheet, as it entails all relevant information regarding exchange criteria and requirements. For further enquiries, please consult with your university's exchange coordinator.

Can I apply to the exchange program even if I study at a non-partner university?

Absolutely. The Free Mover Program is for MBA/M.Sc./M.A. students studying at universities that do not have a formal exchange agreement with Coller School of Management. The Free-Mover program has separate fees, per registration and per courses. You can find more information under Addmision > Enrollment & Eligibility > "Free Movers".

Due to prior engagements, I can't stay through the entire duration of the semester, although I really want to join your program. What should I do?

Coller School of Management opens two terms to Exchange Students - fall and spring. Both terms are divided into two modules, 7 weeks each. Exchange students can stay for two modules or come for one module only.

How can I find out more about the courses and their schedule?

On the course list of each semester, please click the relevant course's title and you'll be able to view its syllabus, which includes all information regarding course schedule, credit, readings and assignments.

What is the minimal number of courses I'm required to take at Coller?

Exchange students are expected to take 4-6 credits of courses per term. Most of the courses are one credit, a credit being equivalent to two academic hours once a week, for 14 weeks. For the concerted 7 week module, the time is four academic hours. One credit at Coller is equivalent to 4 ECTS. You should advise with your home-university exchange coordinator as for your degree's requirements. Please note that we don't have a maximum number of courses; you can take as many as you wish as long as your schedule doesn't clash.

What types of courses are available to enroll in?

In addition to taking courses at the Coller School of Management, you will also have the opportunity to enroll in classes offered by Sofaer, an international MBA program run through the Coller School of Management (courses that begin with the four digit number – 1238, available during the spring term only). Further, you can take a maximum of 2 courses at TAU International, an international school within Tel Aviv University, which offers a variety of undergraduate-level liberal arts courses. 

Must I hold a visa before coming to Tel Aviv?

Yes. Although, you may want to consult with the Israeli embassy in your home country regarding visa and entry regulations. For more information about this process please contact:

Mr. Avi Zarakhovsky




How can I meet Israeli friends?

One of the best ways is the Tel Aviv University Student Union's project – "Buddy System". The system consists of pairs of "Buddies" – one of which is international and the other Israeli.

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