Master of Science (MSc) Program in Management

• Head of the Program in Management of Technology & Information Systems:
  Dr. Gal Oestreicher-Singer

• Head of the Program in Organizational Behavior: Prof. Daniel Heller
• Head of the Program in Finance & Accounting: Prof. Nisan Langberg

Master of Science (MSc) Program in Management
Master of Science (MSc) Program in Management

The School's MSc (Master of Science) in Management allows its participants to concentrate their studies on a specific field of business, training scholars and professional experts and providing them with the tools for academic/applied research of quality and project work at a field of their choice. The Program's three specializations are associated with fundamental aspects of modern business life: organizational behavior, information systems and technology, and finance.

The Program offers introductory courses in business and management, an in-depth acquaintance with a field of choice (the student's specialization), through basic courses and advanced topics, and the opportunity to work on a final project (or a dissertation), allowing students to integrate and apply their acquired knowledge to a topic of interest. The Program fosters field awareness, preparing students to become professionals through an acquaintance with primary challenges, current trends and phenomena, and available models and strategies at their field of choice (Management of Technology & Information Systems: cyber threats and security, data mining, agile and lean management strategies, high-design technology; Organizational Behavior: multi-national corporate settings, leadership & negotiation strategies, relationships and team management, the relocation phenomenon, corporate training designs;  Finance & Accounting: credit risk management, corporate debt restructuring, simple and sophisticated valuation models, transactions in high-tech and international companies, real estate capital markets and development) Methodology is a prime focus: students acquire the specialized, field-specific models and methodologies required for carrying out their own research projects.

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