Clubs & Forums

One of the advantages to studying in Israel's largest University and most prestigious business school is that our students can leverage the diverse array of clubs and forums on campus.


The Coller Consulting Club

This club prepares students for the consulting recruitment process by increasing student and alumni awareness of the management consulting industry and its major firms and enabling companies to identify the most suitable candidates among the Israeli top-class talent pool at the Coller School of Management. The club has monthly meetings including case interview workshops, case discussions, and keynote speakers from management consulting.




The Coller Alumni Association

The Coller Alumni Association is active in promoting student-alumni interfaces and in establishing professional clubs and forums in addition to the Cafe Coller Networking Events, The Mentoring Program and The Business Debating Club. They create and manage effective student-alumni networks that serve to enhance the sense of community within both groups.


Café Coller is the flagship program of the Coller Alumni Association; a series of meetings and lectures by keynote speakers in various fields, many of whom are senior professionals from the business, technological, and political arenas.





The Coller School of Management Mentoring Program allows a small number of young alumni and graduate students at Coller to benefit from the experience of veteran alumni who volunteer their managerial insights, knowledge, and experience.


The program capitalizes on the unique position of the Coller Alumni Association and its ability to connect with to a wide audience of top managers, consultants, and senior entrepreneurs from various fields who are all Coller alumni.


Volunteering alumni gain the opportunity to pass on their vast span of knowledge and managerial insights accumulated during their school years and since graduation, while the young alumni and graduate students benefit from professional guidance from a senior manager in their field – hitech, entrepreneurship, organizational consulting, strategy, economics, business development, marketing and more.




Middle East Business Forum

The Middle East Business Forum is where Tel Aviv University Coller School of Management's students, alumni and staff discuss and collaborate in the field of regional business and commerce.


The Forum was founded in 2016 by Jowan Qupty and Jesse Divon, students at the School. During their studies, Qupty and Divon noticed that both Israeli, Palestinian and international students invariably overlook Middle East business opportunities as they concentrate on familiar markets in West and, increasingly, the Far East. The Forum responds to this by providing a hub at Coller School of Management for raising awareness, sharing ideas and facilitating networking in the field of Middle East business and commerce. 

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