Prof. Peter Bamberger

Coller School of Management
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Prof. Peter Bamberger
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Short Biography

Department: Organizational Behavior
Ph.D. Organizational Behavior from Cornell University.
Head of the Organizational Behavior Department
Editor-in-Chief of Academy of Management Discoveries
Research Director, Smithers Institute, ILR School, Cornell University.
Current sponsored research: ISF (2016-2020): Cognitive Implications of Workplace Injuries; US-Dept. of Defense (DOD; 2019-2022): Suicide-related cognition and behavior in the discharge-to-work transition. 



Fields of Research


Employee behavioral health (substance misuse, trauma, negative emotional states), Compensation strategy and pay communication; Cognition and meta-cognition in team contexts; Employee adjustment during periods of transition; Employee helping and help seeking.


Books Published Since 2010:

Peter Bamberger, Michal Biron and Ilan Meshulam. Human Resource Strategy: Formulation, Implementation and Impact. 2nd Edition. New York: Routledge. 2014.


Peter Bamberger & Samuel Bacharach. Retirement & the Hidden Epidemic: The Complex Link Between Aging, Work Disengagement and Substance Misuse…and What to Do About It. New York: Oxford University Press. 2014



Selected Refereed Journal Articles Since 2015:

Songqi Liu, Mo Wang, Peter Bamberger, Junqi Shi, & Samuel Bacharach, “The Dark Side of Socialization: A Longitudinal Investigation of Newcomer Alcohol Use.” Academy of Management Journal. 58, 2, 334-355. 2015.

Arik Riskin, Amir Erez, Trevor Foulk, Amir Kugelman, Ayala Gover, Irit Shoris, Kinneret Riskin & Peter Bamberger. The Impact of Rudeness on Medical Team Performance: A Randomized Trial. Pediatrics, 136(3), 487-495. 2015.

Peter Bamberger and Elena Belogolovsky. “The Dark Side of Transparency: How and When Pay Administration Practices Affect Employee Helping.” Journal of Applied Psychology. 102, 658-671. 2017.

Arieh Riskin, Amir Erez, Trevor Foulk, Amitai Ziv, Kinneret Riskin-Guez, Rina Sela, Liat Pessach-Gelblum and Peter Bamberger. "Rudeness and Medical Team Performance." Pediatrics. 139 (2) e20162305. 2017.

Peter Bamberger, Dvora Geller & Etti Doveh. “Assisting upon entry: Helping Type and Approach as Moderators of How Role Conflict Affects Newcomer Resource Drain.” Journal of Applied Psychology, 102(12), 1719-1732. 2017.

Peter Bamberger, Jackie Koopman, Mo Wang, Inbal Nahum Shani, Mary Larimer, Irene Markman Geisner & Samuel B. Bacharach. “Does College Alcohol Consumption Impact Employment Upon Graduation? Findings from a Prospective Study.” Journal of Applied Psychology, 103(1), 111-121. 2018.

Jingqui Chen, Peter Bamberger, Dana Vashdi, Yifan Song. “The Effects of Team Reflexivity on Emotional Wellbeing in Manufacturing Teams.” Journal of Applied Psychology, 103(4), 443-462. 2018.

Arieh Riskin, Peter Bamberger. Amir Erez, Kinneret Riskin-Guez, Yarden Riskin, Rina Sela, Trevor Foulk, Binyamin Cooper, Amitai Ziv, Liat Pessach-Gelblum & Ellen Bamberger. “Expressions of Gratitude and Medical Team Performance.” Pediatrics, 143(4), e2018204. 2019.

Jia Hui Lim, Kenneth Tai, Peter Bamberger & Elizabeth Morrison. “Soliciting Resources from Others: An Integrative Review.” Academy of Management Annals, 14 (1), 122-159. 2020.

Yihao Liu, Dana Vashdi, Peter Bamberger, Thomas Cross & Amir Erez. “Exploring the puzzle of civility: Whether and when team civil communication influences team members’ role performance.” Human Relations, In Press.

Songqi Liu, Peter Bamberger, Mo Wang, Junqi Shi & Samuel Bacharach, “When Onboarding Becomes Risky: Extending Social Learning Theory to Explain Newcomers’ Adoption of Heavy Drinking with Clients.” Human Relations. In Press.

Ariane Froidevaux, Jaclyn Koopmann, Mo Wang, & Peter Bamberger. “Is Student Loan Debt Good or Bad for Employment upon Graduation from College? Investigation of Countervailing Mechanisms.” Journal of Applied Psychology. In Press.

Valeria Alterman, Peter Bamberger, Mo Wang, Elena Belogolovsky & Junqi Shi. “Ignorance is Bliss: Pay Secrecy, Employee Turnover and the Conditioning Effect of Justice.” Academy of Management Journal. In Press.


Honors since 2010

March, 2012

Best Paper, HR Division of the Academy of Management

April, 2012

Elected as Fellow, Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology

August, 2012

Outstanding Reviewer Award for 2011-2012, Human Relations

March, 2014

Elected as Member, Society for Organizational Behavior

August, 2014

Runner-up for Best Paper, Academy of Management Journal

March, 2016

Best Paper, OB Division of the Academy of Management  

August, 2017

Thomas A. Mahoney Mentoring Award, HR Division, Academy of Management  


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