Prof. Dan Weiss

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Prof. Dan Weiss
Phone: 03-6406303
Office: Recanati - Business Administration, 308



Published Articles

  • Kaplan Robert S., Dan Weiss, and Eyal Desheh. "Transfer Pricing with ABC." Management Accounting (May 1997): 20-28. (Winner of the 1999 Lybrand Certificate of Merit Award presented by Institute of Management Accountants)
  • Biyalogorsky Eyal, Eitan Gerstner, Dan Weiss, and Jinhong Xie. 2005. The Economics of Service Upgrades.  Journal of Service Research 7(3): 234-244. Impact factor – 2.71.
  • Beja Avraham, and Dan Weiss. 2006. Some Informational Aspects of Conservatism. European Accounting Review 15(4): 585-604. Impact factor – 1.15.
  • Weiss Dan, Prasad A. Naik, and Chih-Ling Tsai. 2008. Extracting Forward Looking Information from Security Prices – A New approach. The Accounting Review, 83(4), 1101-1124.  Impact factor – 2.42.
  • Weiss Dan, Prasad A. Naik, and Ram Weiss. 2009. The Big Pharma Dilemma: Develop New Products or Promote Existing Ones?  Nature Reviews Drug Discovery 8(7):535-536.   Impact factor – 33.08.
  • Weiss Dan, and Michael W. Maher. 2009. Operational Hedging against Catastrophes. Journal of Operations Management, 27, 362-373. Impact factor – 4.40.
    (Winner of the Best Paper Award at The 2nd European Risk Conference and selected as one of three finalists for the 2009 Best Paper Award for papers published in the Journal of Operations Management).
  • Weiss Dan. 2010.Cost Behavior and Analysts’ Earnings Forecasts. The Accounting Review.  85(4): 1441-1471. Impact factor – 2.42.
  • Weiss Dan. 2011. Discussion of Examining Shareholder Value Creation over CEO Tenure: A New Approach to Testing Effectiveness of Executive Compensation.  Journal of Management Accounting Research. 23, 29-36.
  • Kama Itay, and Dan Weiss. 2013. Do Earnings Targets and Managerial Incentives Affect Sticky Costs?  Journal of Accounting Research. 51, 201-224.  Impact factor – 2.38.
  • Weiss Dan, Haim Falk, and Uri Ben Zion. Earnings Variability and Disclosure of R&D: Evidence from Press Releases.  2013. Accounting and Finance. 53(3), 837–865. Impact factor – 0.88.
  • Weiss Dan. 2014. Internal Controls in Family-owned Firms. European Accounting Review. 23, 463-482. Impact factor – 1.15.
  • Shust Efrat, and Dan Weiss. 2014. Sticky Costs: Cash Flow versus Expenses. Journal of Management Accounting Research. 26, 81-90. (invited article)
  • Ciftci Mustafa, Raj Mashruwala, and Dan Weiss. 2015. Implications of Cost Behavior for Analysts Earnings Forecasts. Journal of Management Accounting Research. 28, 57-80.
  • Michael-Tsabari Nava, and Dan Weiss. 2015. Communication Traps. Family Business Review 28, 26-40. Impact factor – 4.24.



Working Papers

  • Shust Efrat, and Dan Weiss. 2014.  Not All Estimates Were Created Equal: Testing the Relevance-Reliability Trade-Off.
  • Oded Jacob, and Dan Weiss. 2013.  Do Real Effects Sway Conservatism Measures? (Invited presentation at the Temple Management Accounting Conference, August 2013).
  • Shust Efrat, and Dan Weiss. 2012.  Consequences of Opinions versus Facts in Financial Reporting.
  • Maher Michael W., and Dan Weiss. 2010.  Costs of Complying with SOX.



Work in Process

  • Oded Jacob, and Dan Weiss.   The Economics of Earnings Skewness.
  • Aboody David, Shai Levi, and Dan Weiss.   Managerial Incentives and Cost Structure Adjustments.
  • Prasad A. Naik, and Dan Weiss.   A Tale of Two Intangibles: Relative Impact of R&D and Advertising.



  • 1994 Dean's Teaching Award 
  • 1997 Dean's Teaching Award 
  • 1999 Joseph Kasierer Institute for Research in Accounting, research grant, (Disclosure of R&D Activities, with Haim Falk and Uri Ben-Zion.)
  • 1999 TIM - Technion Institute of Management, research grant (R&D Expenses and the Value of Firms, with Haim Falk and Uri Ben-Zion.)
  • 2000 Dean’s Best MBA Teacher Award   
  • 2004 Joseph Kasierer Institute for Research in Accounting, research grant, (Exposures and Hedging of Market Risks)
  • 2007 Marketing Science Institute (MSI) - winner of the Marketing Strategy and Wall Street competition - with Prasad A. Naik.
  • 2008 Best Paper Award – The 2nd European Risk Conference, Milano, Italy.
  • 2013 Rector Teaching Award


Tel Aviv University, P.O. Box 39040, Tel Aviv 6997801, Israel
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