Strategy and Business economics Seminars

(Academic Year 2016-2017, Semester I)

Room: Recanati 408

Wednesday at 11:15-12:30 


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Date Speaker/Affiliation presentation comment
02.11.16 Wieland Muller,
Department of Economics,
University of Vienna
Consistency and Stationarity Individual Time Preferences (Joint with Syngjoo Choi, Shachar Kariv and Dan Silverman)  
09.11.16 Doron Kliger,
Department of
University of Haifa
Priming Effects on Investing Decisions of Laymen and Finance Professionals   
16.11.16 Guy Barokas,
Department of Economics and Management,
Ruppin Academic Center
Revealed Preference for Intertemporal Choice   
23.11.16 Itai Ater,
School of Management,
Tel Aviv University
The Effect of Mandatory Disclosure of Retail Prices: Evidence from the Israeli Supermarket Industry (Joint with Oren Rigbi)  
30.11.16 Chang Zhao,
School of Mathematics,
Tel Aviv University
Patent Licensing, Entry and the Incentive to Innovate (Joint with Yair Tauman  
07.12.16 Ofer Dror,
The Jerusal
em School of Business Administration,
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Investigating the Effect of Planning Bureaucracy on the Israeli Housing Market, Using the Natural Experiment - TAMA 38 - and its Effect on Housing Prices  
12.12.16 William Kovacic,
Law School,
George Washington University
Competition Policy in a Brexit Political Culture will take place on Monday, at 10:30 
14.12.16 David Dillenberger,
Department of Economics,
University of Pennsylvania
Group-Shift and Consensus  
21.12.16 Jorge Ale Chilet,
Department of Economics,
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Gradually Rebuilding a Relationship: The Emergence of Collusion in Retail Pharmacies in Chile Job Talk



Adi Shani-Rotem,
Department of Economics,
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Too Scared for School? The Effects of Terrorism on Israeli Student Achievement Job Talk
29.12.16 IO Day    
04.01.17 -----cancelled-----    
11.01.17 Kfir Eliaz,
Department of Economics,
Tel Aviv University
Incentive-Compatible Advertising on a Social Network (Joint with Rani Spiegler)  
18.01.17 Tobias Kretschmer,
Munich School of Management
Experience, Consumers, and Fit: Performance Implications of Pre-Entry Technological and Market Exprience in Mobile Telephony (Joint with JP Eggers ans Michal Grajek)  
25.01.17 David Zvilichovsky,
School of Management,
Tel Aviv University
Too Talented to Innovate? Dynamic Entrepreneurial Reputation, Project Selection and Welfare (Joint with Noam Shamir)  


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