Our Legacy

Our Legacy

Our Legacy: Growth and Evolution in Practice

The Recanati Business School has been promoting business professionalism in research and practice since it was founded, in 1965. Its first research institute, the Henry Crown Institute of Business Research, and executive education LAHAV, in operation since the late 1960's, have been instrumental in laying the foundations of Israeli business leadership and scholarship, producing generation after generation of executives, professionals and academic works.


The world has been undergoing considerable changes since the 1960's, and so have we. Recanati has been opening before its students a path to the global business community as early as 1978, based on a network of academic partnerships in continuous expansion. Our executive MBA programs guide their participants through management challenges and dilemmas since the 1990's. Our global executive program, the Kellogg-Recanati International Executive MBA, run jointly by Recanati and the Kellogg School of Management, is the first of its kind in Israel. As the advanced technological sectors gain momentum, the School has been accommodating its teaching curriculum and coursework to the special needs of business at the age of high-tech. Our first MBA program for high-tech professionals was established in 2001, to be followed by additional tracks and programs tailored for the high-tech industry.


Change, Globality and Innovation are not only principles we live by. They are a part of who we are. As facts of modern business reality, we have made each of these the focus of one of our MBA programs: the Sofaer International MBA; the MSc in Organizational Consulting, focusing on processes of organizational change; the MBA specializing in Management of Technology, Innovation and Entrepreneurship (MoTIE). As part of a selection of customized MBA and life-learning programs we offer, designed to meet the needs of different professional sectors, these programs represent the diversity of modern business, preparing our students for the diversity of modern business life.


Our course of development as a business school demonstrates the kind of commitment that we would like our students and alumni to practice in their professional lives: a commitment to an ongoing process of professional growth, constantly re-inventing themselves throughout this process. This is how we conceive of business excellence at the age of cyber, globalization and the social media.

This is our Legacy.

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