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Living in Israel

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About Tel Aviv


Tel Aviv was founded during the Ottoman Empire in 1909. The name is derived from the Hebrew word "Tel", an archaeological term for an area where you can see the strata of old cities built upon one another, and the word "Aviv" which means spring. The name is meant to represent “a rebirth.”


Just south of Tel Aviv is the city of Jaffa – a city whose history dates farther back than Jerusalem and which hosts the oldest operating port in the world. In 1909, a group of Jewish Jaffa residents chose to leave the city of Jaffa in order to establish a new residential neighborhood just outside the city’s border. This area turned out to be the first neighborhood of Tel Aviv.


With the influx of Jewish immigrants from Europe between the years 1924-1939, Tel Aviv became Israel’s major center of commerce, culture and arts. In 1950, Tel Aviv and Jaffa merged into one municipality – today known as Tel Aviv – Jaffa.


The Tel Aviv of today has maintained its distinction as the cultural and economic hub of the country. In addition, the city boasts a plethora of restaurants, beaches, museums, movie theaters, outdoor cafes, fruit-juice stands, boutique shops, bars and clubs. This combination has attracted the nation’s youth and young professional crowd in droves. It has also earned the city the reputation of Israel’s non-stop city and one of the party highlights of the Mediterranean.


Approximately 2.5 million people live in the greater Tel Aviv area (known as Gush Dan), which is about one third of Israel's population. While the actual population within the city’s limits is around 350,000, over one million people converge on Tel Aviv daily.


We hope you will like living in this exciting city for your semester of study and encourage you to get out of the classroom and campus as much as possible to discover and enjoy it!


See the Exploring Tel Aviv and Israel section in the Student Orientation Guide for more information, fun and interesting places to visit and information on Jewish and National Holidays



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Emergency Care & Important Numbers

  • Police 100
  • Ambulance (Magen David Adom) 101
  • Fire Department 102
  • Electric Company 103
  • Information 144
  • Municipality Information 106 (to pay water and municipality tax)
  • Health Insurance Helpline 1-800-260-660
  • Ichilov Hospital/Sourasky Medical Center 03-697-4444

In case of sexual harassment or sexual assault, you can contact the Association of Rape Crisis Centers:

  • Hotline for women – 1202
  • Hotline for men – 1203

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