Strategy Seminar 2018-2019

Coller School of Management

Academic Year 2018-2019
Room: Recanati 306
Wednesday at 11:15-12:30

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Date Speaker/Affiliation presentation Comment
17.10.18 Alex Krumer,
Faculty of Business Administration and Social Sciences,
Molde University College
Discouragement Effect and Intermediate Prizes in Multi-Stage Contests: Evidence from Davis Cup
(Joint with Hamzah Iqbal)
24.10.18 --Cancelled--    
31.10.18 Yevgeny Tsodikovich,
O.R. and Statistics Department,
​Tel Aviv University
Tacit Collusion via Asynchronous Play
7.11.18 --Cancelled--    
14.11.18 Moran Koren,
Faculty of Industrial Engineering and Management,
The Implications of Pricing on Social Learning
21.11.18 Shay Lavie,
Faculty of Law,
Tel Aviv University
Judgement Contingent Settlements
(Joint with Avraham Tabbach)
28.11.18 Edith Sand,
Research Department,
​Bank of Israel
Charity Begins at Home (and at School): Effects of Religion-Based Discrimination in Education
(Joint with Victor Lavy and Moses Shayo)
5.12.18 Tomer Blumkin,
Department of Economics,
Ben Gurion University
Relative Ambition and the Role of Wage Secrecy in Labor Contracts
(Joint with David Lagziel)
6.12.18 The 8th Annual Israeli I.O. Day   The Hebrew University
12.12.18 Matthias Blonski,
Faculty of Economics and Business Administration,
Goethe University Frankfurt
Moral Hazard with Excess Returns
(Joint with Ulf von Lilienfeld-Toal)
The lecture will start at 11:05
19.12.18 Yotam Shem Tov,
Department of Economics,
Does Incarceration Increase Crime
(Joint with Evan K. Rose)
Job Talk
23.12.18 Michael E. Kummer,
School of Economics,
Georgia Institute of Technology
Market Concentration and Privacy in Online Markets
(Joint with Reinhold Kesler and Patrick Schulte)
The lecture will take place on
Sunday at 11:00-12:30.
Joint seminar with the Technology & Information Management Group
26.12.18 Rani Spiegler,
School of Economics,
Tel Aviv University
A Model of Competing Narratives
(Joint with Kfir Eliaz)
2.1.19 Ariel Rubinstein,
School of Economics,
Tel Aviv University;
Department of Economics,
New York University
Normative Equilibrium: The Permissible and the Forbidden as Devices for Bringing Order to Economic Environments
(Joint with Michael Richter)
9.1.19 Kobi Glazer,
Faculty of Management, Tel Aviv University
Department of Economics, The University of Warwick
Fake Persuasion
(Joint with Helios Herrera and Motty Perry)
27.2.19 Christoph Vanberg,
Department of Economics,
University of Heidelberg
6.3.19 Yotam Margalit,
Department of Political Science,
Tel Aviv University
13.3.19 Ori Weisel,
School of Management,
Tel Aviv University
27.3.19 Fernando Luco,
Department of Economics,
Texas A&M University
3.4.19 Matan Tsur,
Department of Economics,
University of Vienna
10.4.19 Phillippos Louis,
Department of Economics,
University of Cyprus
1.5.19 Chaim Freshtman,
School of Economics,
Tel Aviv University
15.5.19 Abi Adams,
Department of Economics,
University of Oxford
22.5.19 Dan Zeltzer,
School of Economics,
Tel Aviv University
29.5.19 Joshua Goodman,
Kennedy School of Government,
​Harvard University
5.6.19 David Albouy,
Department of Economics,
University of Illinois
12.6.19 Dotan Persitz,
School of Management,
Tel Aviv University
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