Finance - Accounting Seminars

(Semester A - Academic Year 2014-2015)


Seminars are held at 14:00 in room 408 unless otherwise indicated

Date Speaker/Affiliation Presentation
4.11.2014 Anjan Thakor
Washington U
Who Monitors the Monitor? Bank Capital Structure and Borrower Monitoring
11.11.2014 Roy Zuckerman
Earning Leaks
18.11.2014 Dr.Rachel Shalom-Gilo 
Hebrew U
Effects of level of investors confidence and herding behavior on stock prices and their volatilities
Regina Wittenberg Moerman
Active CDS Trading and Managers’ Voluntary Disclosure
Tiran Rothman
University of Haifa
The Cost of Paying Attention: Cognitive Resource Scarcity and Investor Activity Around FDA Announcements
Reuven Lehavy
University of Michigan
Analyst Information Discovery and Information Interpretation Roles: A Topic Modeling Approach
Ran Duchin
U of Washington
Compensation of Divisional Managers: Peer Effects inside the Firm
16-18.12.2014 Tel Aviv Finance Conference  
Maya Shaton
The Display of Information and Household Investment Behavior
25.12.2014 Idan Hodor
Boston University
Equilibrium with Benchmarking Institutions
30.12.2014 Ron Shalev
The Effect of Fair Value Accounting Choice On the Ability to Raise Debt
6.1.2014 Daniel Bird
Northwestern U
The Negative Side of Managerial Reputation
13.1.2014 Yaniv Konchitchki
UC Berkeley
Inflation and Accounting
20.1.2014 Doron Israeli
Is there a Dark Side to Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)? An Information Perspective



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