Finance - Accounting Seminars

(Semester A - Academic Year 2016-2017)


Seminars are held at 11:00 in room 408 unless otherwise indicated

Date Speaker/Affiliation Title
1.11.2016 Mireia Giné​
Price and Probability: Decomposing the Takeover Effects of Anti-Takeover Provisions
Shai Levi and Eli Amir
Do firms underreport information on cyber-attacks? Evidence from capital markets
Roby Lehavy
The Managerial Perception of Uncertainty and Cost Behavior
22.11.2016 Mikhail B. Pevzner
Informativeness of Discretionary Disclosure of Goodwill Slack
29.11.2016 Gilad Livne
Exeter, UK
Are auditors independent of their clients? A review of past research and discussion of research opportunities in Europe
6.12.2016 David Gershon
SuperDerivatives - founder
A Universal Model for Pricing All Options
Tel Aviv Finance Conference
20.12.2016 No seminar - Faculty meeting   
27.12.2016 Zvika Afik
Have credit ratings become more accurate?
Ron Shalev
The Effect of CFO Personal Litigation Risk on Firms’ Disclosure and Accounting Choices
10.1.2017 Yishay Yafeh

Incentive fees and competition in pension funds:evidence from a regulatoryexperiment

17.1.2017 Qi Zeng

Pulling the Correct Lever: on Sticky Debt and the Common Factor Structure in Idiosyncratic Volatilities


24.1.2017 Amir Rubin
IDC and Simon Fraser
Analysts’ Consensus Forecasts and Mispricing 
Offer Setty
TAU Econ
On the Asset Allocation of a Default Pension Fund


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