Strategy and Industrial Organization Seminar

Coller School of Management and Berglas School of Economics


(Academic Year 2016-2017, Semester II)

Wednesday at 11:15-12:30 

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Date Speaker/Affiliation presentation Room
15.03.17 Kathryn Spier,
Law School,
Harvard University
Taking a Financial Position in Your Opponent in Litigation (Joint with Albert Choi) Recanati 408
22.03.17 Neil Gandal,
School of Economics,
Tel Aviv University
Following the Code: Spillovers and Knowledge Transfer (Joint with Peter Naftaliev and Uriel Stettner) Berglas 101
29.03.17 Ori Heffetz,
Department of Economics,
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Are Reference Points (Necessarily) Lagged Beliefs Over Probabilities? Berglas 101
05.04.17 Ariel Rubinstein,
School of Economics,
Tel Aviv University
Multi-dimensional Reasoning in Games: Framework, Equilibrium and Applications Recanati 408
19.04.17 Shachar Kariv,
Department of Economics,
University of California, Berkley
Distributional Preferences and Political Behavior Recanati 408
26.04.17 Mirjam Van Praag,
Department of Innovation and Organizational Economics,
Copenhagen Business School
Badge of Honor or Scarlet Letter? Unpacking Failure in Venture Teams (Joint with Diego Zunino and Gary Dushnitsky) Berglas 101
03.05.17 Elad De Malach,
Research Department,
Bank of Israel
The Effect of Proximity to Cellular Sites on Home Prices in Israel (Joint with David Genesove, Asaf Zussman, and Noam Zussman) Recanati 408
10.05.17 Giovanni Mastrobuoni,
Department of Economics,
University of Essex
Do Security Investments Displace Crime? Theory and Evidence from Italian Banks (Joint with Vikram Maheshri) Berglas 101
16.05.17-19.05.17 CEPR in HUJI    
24.05.17 Jacques Crémer,
School of Economics,
Touluose University
Migration Between Platforms (Joint with Gary Biglaiser and André Veiga) Recanati 408
Nir Yosef,
School of Management,
Tel Aviv University
Do Customers Care About the Integrity of Manufacturers? Evidence From Volkswagen’s Dieselgate Scandal (Joint with Itai Ater) Berglas 101
The lecture will take place on Monday
14.06.17 Jun Zhou,
Tilburg Law and Economics Center,
Tilburg University
Evaluating Leniency with Missing Information on Undetected Cartels: Exploring Time-Varying Policy Impacts on Cartel Duration Recanati 408
21.06.17 Amit Gayer,
Department of Economics,
Western Galilee College
Monopoly, Oligopoly, Duopoly and Multi Product Quality Berglas 101
28.06.17 Cristos Genakos,
Department of Economics,
Athens University of Economics and Business
Loss Aversion on the Phone (Joint with Costas Roumanias and Tommaso Valletti) Recanati 408
Gabriel Weintraub,
School of Business,
Stanford University
Procurement Mechanisms for Differentiated Products (Joint with Daniela Saban) Recanati 305;
The lecture will take place on Thursday at 16:00
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